Simplify fund subscriptions for your Limited Partners
Delight your LPs with a digital subscription experience. Turn confusing legal documents into intuitive onboarding workflows that help you fundraise faster, at lower cost.
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Flow helps us deliver a world-class LP experience, every time.
Gil Ben-Artzy
Founding Partner, UpWest Ventures
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Flow gets the clerical burden out of the way.
Matt McGraw
Founding Partner, Anthropocene Ventures
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Seeing our vendors engage with the platform has been great. Almost everything they need from our team is available in Flow.
Ben Mahdavi
Founding Partner, Quiet Capital
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Flow has been an incredibly important and integral part of the 9Yards story from the very beginning and has made my life much easier.
David Fisher
Co-founder, 9Yards Capital
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Eliminate paperwork, automate busywork

Replace paperwork and manual processes with automated workflows, real-time notifications, and stakeholder task assignments that help you guide LPs to a faster close.

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Turn investor data into operating leverage

Capture investor information as structured data for use across all systems. Flow saves this data to platform-wide Investor Profiles and pre-populates workflows for returning users.

Work more efficiently
with legal counsel

Alert your legal team to review documents as soon as they’re complete. Flow makes it easy to spot errors and request LP revisions, or approve documents for countersignature.

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How it Works

Turn subscription documents into onboarding workflows
Turn documents and data requests into digital workflows, complete with conditional logic that eliminates unnecessary questions based on user input. Include any document type or data request in a single onboarding workflow, such as KYC/AML information.
Invite LPs to easily subscribe online
Intelligently invite large pools of investors to unique onboarding workflows at scale. Make the process even easier for repeat investors with Flow’s platform-wide Investor Profiles, which automatically pre-populate workflows for returning users.
Track LP progress with real-time engagement analytics
Know exactly who needs your attention - and when - so you can close your fund faster. Easily track each investor’s progress with intuitive dashboard views and automated milestone notifications throughout the entire subscription process.
Collect digital signatures and prompt legal review
Make it easy to sign the dotted line with Flow’s digital signature technology. Then, automatically alert your legal team as soon as each LP signs so they can easily review submissions, manage revisions, and prompt you to countersign when ready.
Leverage LP data across internal and external systems
Maintain accurate, audit-ready data for your operating systems. All investor input is captured as structured data, which can be leveraged across your CRM, investor portal, or third-party systems such as those owned by your fund administrator, tax advisor, or audit firm.

Key Product Features


Documents and data requests presented as intuitive digital workflows


Investor data saved for use across multiple systems and funds


KYC/AML data requests directly incorporated into your workflows

Tasks &

Customizable tasks and notifications to keep stakeholders engaged


Real-time data on LP progress throughout the onboarding process

Legal Review

Alerts and dashboards to streamline legal review of fund documents

E-signature & Countersignature

Secure legal document signature technology for investors and GPs

Users & Teams

Easy collaboration between internal and third-party team members
Integrated Law Firms, Fund Administrators, and Banks
Limited Partners

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