KYC/AML software for private investment firms

Effortlessly collect the data and documents necessary to screen investors and maintain regulatory compliance - without inconveniencing your LPs.

Key Features

High-impact features to power your compliance efforts

Identity Verification

Ensure all ID documentation is authentic with AI-powered verification technology


Maintain total compliance with KYC, AML, PEP, and sanctions screenings

Configurable Security Thresholds

Easily configure custom security thresholds, based on your exact needs

Integrated Workflows

Add KYC/AML data collection directly into your investor onboarding process

Flow is trusted by forward-thinking leaders in the private markets

Limited Partners
Investment Firms
Commercial Partners
Client Testimonial

Flow provides operational leverage to the finance function.

Ryan Randall
CFO, CCO, and Partner, Section Partners

The Flow team has been highly responsive, promptly addressing our inquiries or concerns and providing excellent support along the way.

Adam Choe
Managing Partner, Tundra Ventures

Flow helps us deliver a world-class LP experience, every time.

Gil Ben-Artzy
Founding Partner, UpWest Ventures

Flow gets the clerical burden out of the way.

Matt McGraw
Founding Partner, Anthropocene Ventures

Seeing our vendors engage with the platform has been great. Almost everything they need from our team is available in Flow.

Ben Mahdavi
Founding Partner, Quiet Capital

Flow has been an incredibly important and integral part of the 9Yards story from the very beginning and has made my life much easier.

David Fisher
Co-founder, 9Yards Capital

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Flow and a fund administrator?

Flow is a software provider for private funds. We make it easy to manage LP relationships across the full investment lifecycle with integrated data rooms, investor onboarding, and investor portal solutions.

Our software helps reduce operational overhead, improve your LP experience, and streamline collaboration with  third-party service providers (such as your fund administrator or legal counsel).

How much does Flow cost?

Flow’s pricing is based on the total assets under management (AUM) of the vehicles on our platform, as well as the number of unique LPs using the platform. Pricing is structured as an annual platform fee tailored to your specific needs and scale.

How is Flow unique?

Flow stands out in several ways. First, we do not bundle software with services. We are strictly a software provider, which allows GPs the freedom to work with any service provider(s) they choose and gives them the ability to change providers at any time without disrupting their tech stack or investor experience.

We also offer a unified experience for LPs across the entire investment lifecycle. With data rooms, investor onboarding, and investor portal solutions all on one platform, we eliminate the need for you and your investors to juggle multiple point-solutions.

Third, Flow excels at capturing and leveraging structured data to streamline and automate fund operations. Our platform's robust data layer includes LP investment profiles and customized workflows that can be repurposed indefinitely, delivering ever greater value as you scale.


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