Subscription Agreement

In the private markets, a subscription agreement refers to a document that defines the terms for a limited partner’s investment into a venture capital or private equity fund. Due to the inherently complex nature of investing in a private fund, subscription agreements are often long, complicated, and confusing to navigate without expert guidance.

Flow makes it easier for LPs to complete their subscription agreements by transforming traditional documents into intuitive digital workflows.
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Digitize Your Subscription Agreements With Flow

Filling out traditional subscription agreements is confusing and time-consuming for GPs and LPs alike. Flow makes it easier by turning subscription agreements into simple, digital workflows.

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Flow provides operational leverage to the finance function.
Ryan Randall
CFO, CCO, and Partner, Section Partners
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The Flow team has been highly responsive, promptly addressing our inquiries or concerns and providing excellent support along the way.
Adam Choe
Managing Partner, Tundra Ventures
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Flow helps us deliver a world-class LP experience, every time.
Gil Ben-Artzy
Founding Partner, UpWest Ventures
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Flow gets the clerical burden out of the way.
Matt McGraw
Founding Partner, Anthropocene Ventures
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Seeing our vendors engage with the platform has been great. Almost everything they need from our team is available in Flow.
Ben Mahdavi
Founding Partner, Quiet Capital
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Flow has been an incredibly important and integral part of the 9Yards story from the very beginning and has made my life much easier.
David Fisher
Co-founder, 9Yards Capital
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Accelerate & Simplify Fund Subscriptions 

Transform your subscription agreements and other documents into digital workflows. Flow's technology helps simplify the subscription process for LPs, automate manual processes, and reduce the operating burden on your legal team.

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Centralize Operations With an Investor Portal

Maintain a single source of truth for all subscription agreements, legal documents, and fund data. Connect your LPs and service providers on one platform to eliminate errors, minimize back-and-forth, and ultimately reduce costs.

Connect & Collaborate With Any Third-party

Flow’s flexible infrastructure is compatible with all law firms, fund administrators, auditors, banks, and other service providers. Connect vendors directly to the platform and automate your workflows with them.

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