Investor Portal Software Pricing

Investor portal software pricing is often a top concern for finance and investor relations teams at private investment firms. These teams are often looking to implement an investor portal to help streamline fund operations and deliver a superior investment experience for limited partners (LPs). These purpose-built software solutions provide all stakeholders with a single destination for fund-related reporting, documentation, and communication, serving as a single point of access for all their needs.

Investor Portal Software Pricing at Flow

Flow offers investor portal software pricing based on our customers' unique needs. Pricing scales according to the size and complexity of your fund(s) and limited partner network. Different vehicle types - such as conventional invesmtent funds and special purpose vehicles (SPVs) - also come with varying pricing models. Ultimately, Flow's technology and pricing are designed to accommodate all parties, from emerging fund managers to instutitonal investors, and everything in between.

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