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Ryan Randall: Economic Cycles, LP Expectations, and Technology in the Private Markets

April 17, 2023

About the Episode

Ryan Randall is CFO, CCO and Partner at Section Partners, a growth-stage venture firm that provides personal financing solutions for founders, executives and shareholders of VC-backed tech companies.

Ryan has been an operator in the private markets for nearly two decades, drawing on his experience as a founder, allocator, and back-office leader.

In this episode, Ryan discusses the current macroeconomic environment, recognizable patterns at play in the private markets, and the evolution of back-office technology.

Additional resources from this episode:
- The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future by Sebastian Mallaby
- Secrets of Sand Hill Road: Venture Capital and How to Get It by Scott Kupor

Key moments to listen for:
[01:25] What’s happening in today’s markets
[04:44] Framework to provide consistent service
[07:12] Ryan’s take on liquidity
[11:30] Comparisons to the public equity market
[15:03] How technology can play a role in the market’s growth
[18:11] How much control to give to the user
[22:45] LP expectations shifting in the private markets