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Improved: Capital Calls

Improved: Capital Calls

Eliminate administrative overhead through Flow’s improved Capital Calls feature.

Automate tedious workflows associated with calling capital, including the upload, assignment, and distribution of capital call documents on Flow.

Feature Details

We’ve enhanced Flow’s capital call functionality to reduce the administrative burden on admins and improve the experience for investors. This update includes two new workflows, for both one-time and ongoing capital call structures.

Automated one-time capital calls - For fund managers who are calling investors’ full commitment amounts and, if applicable, management fees and prorated expenses. This feature auto-generates individualized capital call notices for each investor and calculates their unique contribution amounts automatically.

Flow capital call feature

Streamlined workflow for ongoing capital calls - For fund managers only calling a portion of investors’ commitment amounts, or for admins who prefer to use their own capital call templates, we also created a PDF upload workflow that makes it easy for users to upload, assign, and send PDF capital call documents to individual investors.

Capital call notifications for investors - For both one-time and ongoing capital calls, you can send a notification to investors from Flow whenever they’re issued a new capital call document. These notifications can be found on the Investor Dashboard and help ensure a positive capital call experience for investors, too.

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