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Introducing: Fund Financials

Introducing: Fund Financials

Ensure investors stay up-to-date on fund performance with Flow’s new Fund Financials update.

This update makes it easy for fund managers to keep investors informed on key data points, such as present net asset value (NAV) and distributions-to-date.

Feature Details

In the Fund Financials update, we made a number of changes to Flow’s interface to better surface key financial data for both Investor and Admin users.

Updated Funds view - The Funds tab homepage now includes aggregated NAV and distribution data on a fund-by-fund basis, providing users with a convenient snapshot of present portfolio performance.

Within each fund, the Investors sub-section now also includes NAV and distribution figures, broken out by each investor (see below). 

Updated Investor Dashboard view - As part of our recent Investor Dashboard release, NAV and distribution figures are also surfaced on the investor-facing dashboard view.

Getting Started

To use this feature, admins and associated service providers can bulk-upload Fund Financials data via CSV. The CSV files are uploaded on a fund-by-fund basis, detailing NAV and distribution figures for each investor.

Below is a list of the fields that Flow accepts as part of the upload:

  • Investment ID: Unique Flow ID that corresponds to the relationship between the investment account ("Investing Through") and the Fund/SPV.
  • Full Name: The name of the investment account owner.
  • Investing Through: The legal name of the investment account.
  • Net Asset Value: (AKA Capital Account Balance) Should align with what is reported on the capital statement provided to the investor.
  • Life to Date Distributions: Total distributions from the fund to the investor over the life of the fund. Should align with what is reported on the capital statement provided to the investor.
  • As of Date: The effective date of the NAV and distributions figures, the date associated with the capital statement (e.g. quarter end).

To get started, simply click the “Update NAVs & Distributions” buttons found on the homepage of the Funds tab and in the Investors sub-section of each fund.

Want to learn how Flow can help simplify your financial reporting? Book time with a Flow representative by filling out the form on our homepage.