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Product Update: Capital Calls

Gone are the days of manually creating and emailing capital call documents to every one of your Limited Partners individually. You can now generate capital call notices and send them to your LPs directly on Flow.

The improved capital call functionality takes your figures for each investor, then creates and distributes individualized notices. Capital calls can be for all or some of your investors, and supports custom capital, fee, and expense amounts over multiple calls.

Plus, Flow makes everything readily accessible for your LPs. They'll receive email alerts with direct document links and a dashboard view of every call issued for each fund.

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A Better Capital Call Experience

Flow's newly improved Capital Call solution offers a better experience for both your team and your Limited Partners.

Dynamically generate capital call documents

  • Name your capital calls and specify unique call figures for each LP.
  • Automatically generate capital call documents for your entire LP base with a simple CSV upload.
  • Easily review the documents and requested amounts before sending to your LPs with a custom message.

Provide greater visibility to your Limited Partners

  • Send email alerts to your LPs whenever you issue a capital call with direct links to their notice documents.
  • Give LPs a dashboard view of all capital calls associated with your fund, including due dates, aggregate financial figures, and underlying document links for each call.

Issue multiple rounds of calls with custom economics

  • Easily issue multiple rounds of capital calls across your fund’s lifecycle, and give all stakeholders visibility into the figures and documents associated with every call.
  • Adjust and specify the economics underlying each capital call on an individual basis, including amount due in management fees, fund expenses, and standard capital commitments.

Getting Started

To get started, simply reach out to your Flow account representative - or book a demo with a Flow product expert.