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Introducing: LP Comms Preferences & View-only Status

Delivering an exceptional LP experience is fundamental to forging lasting investor relationships.

Recognizing this, our latest releases - LP Communication Preferences and View-only Permissioning - are designed to empower LPs with greater flexibility and control over how their investment teams operate on Flow. These features help streamline information sharing and platform access, ensuring that every LP team member receives the right information at the right time without compromising on security. 

Let’s dive into how these new capabilities help elevate investors’ experience on Flow.

LP Communication Preferences

Investor communications is a delicate balancing act between private investment firms and their LPs.

Oversharing can lead to inbox fatigue and disengagement, but under-communicating is often far worse. The challenge of ensuring critical information reaches the right people without overwhelming entire teams with irrelevant details can lead to unnecessary operational complexity for GPs and LPs alike.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce LP Communication Preferences. Investment firms can now tailor their communications to the unique needs of each LP team member, based on that individual’s specified preferences.

LP Communication Options

We offer a range of communication options tailored to the diverse roles within an LP’s investment team. Individuals can select from any or all of the following types, with the flexibility to adjust these preferences at any time. 

Users will also be prompted to specify each team member’s communication preferences whenever adding new members moving forward.

  • Capital Account Statements: Essential financial summaries that provide detailed accounts of an investor's contributions, the current value of those contributions within the fund, and any distributions or withdrawals. These statements serve as a record of the investor's financial activity and standing within the investment.
  • Capital Call Notices: Notifications issued by investment funds to inform limited partners (LPs) of the need to contribute additional capital to the fund. These notices outline the amount to be paid, the purpose of the call, and the deadline for submitting the required funds.
  • Distributions: Communications regarding the allocation of profits or assets from the investment fund to its investors. Distributions can take various forms, including cash payments, distributions of assets, or reinvestment options, reflecting the fund's performance and profit-sharing agreements.
  • General Communications: Information disseminated by the investment firm to its investors, covering a wide range of topics such as firm updates, strategic decisions, market insights, or operational changes. These communications aim to keep investors informed and engaged with the fund's activities and outlook.
  • Legal: Notifications and updates related to legal considerations, documents, and compliance requirements associated with the investment. This includes changes in legislation affecting the fund, legal advisories, documentation requirements, and any legal proceedings or actions relevant to the investors.
  • Quarterly and Annual Reports: Detailed analyses and summaries of the fund's performance, activities, and financial health over a set period. These reports provide insights into the fund's investment strategy, market performance, asset allocation, and future outlook, offering investors a comprehensive view of their investment's progress.
  • Tax: Information pertaining to the tax implications of the investment, including notifications of tax documents, updates on tax legislation affecting the fund, and guidance for tax planning and filing. These communications are essential for investors to manage their tax obligations and plan their investment strategy accordingly.

Communication Preferences When Sending Messages

GPs can utilize these preferences to streamline communications via the Flow platform. The Communication Types feature allows for targeted messaging across multiple accounts; for instance, sending a reminder about an upcoming capital call to all stakeholders across all investment accounts who have opted in for “Capital Call Notices.”

Communications to Primary Contacts

It's mandatory that every investment account has at least one Primary Contact. This contact will automatically receive all communications sent to the account, guaranteeing that no critical information is overlooked.

View-only Permissioning

Safeguarding sensitive information while ensuring necessary access is a delicate balance.

For many institutional LPs, granting full access to all team members isn't feasible due to the sensitive nature of the information involved. Yet, keeping everyone in the loop is critical for seamless operations and informed decision-making.

To address this, we've introduced View-only Permissioning. This feature allows LPs to designate specific team members with view-only access to their investment accounts, enhancing information security while maintaining transparency.

Applying View-only Status

View-only status can be applied on an individual basis for LP team members, in the same team member management modal used for establishing communication preferences.

Users with View-only status enjoy comprehensive access to documents, data, and investment profile information for the accounts they are connected to, ensuring they remain fully informed without the ability to alter sensitive information.

As the title implies, however, they are only able to view this information. They cannot complete subscription documents, edit profile information, or take any material actions within that investment account.

Getting Started

To get started with LP Communication Preferences and View-only Permissioning, simply navigate to the investors tab of any fund to try it out.

You can also reach out to your Flow account representative with questions - or book a demo with a Flow product expert.