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Introducing: Virtual Data Rooms

Flow’s new Data Room solution helps investment teams fundraise faster and centralizes the investor experience on one platform - from discovery to distribution.

With the release of Data Rooms, Flow can now support the full lifecycle of a private fund, 

Read on below, or check out this guided tour of the new Data Rooms release:

Video Demo:

Accelerate Your Fundraise

Fundraising in the private markets is an arduous and broken process. Investment teams struggle under increased operational burden, while investors are forced to navigate a disjointed array of digital tooling and communications. 

But with Flow’s fully integrated Data Room solution, GPs can accelerate their fundraises, ensure a unified data pipeline, and deliver a seamless experience for their investors across every touchpoint of the fund lifecycle.

Share at scale - all in one place.

Easily upload all fund-related documentation in one place. Grant access to any number of users at once with a single, secure link - no account or login required.

Maintain security standards with digital NDAs.

Optionally gate data rooms behind digital, one-click non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), so you can meet security and compliance standards with minimal friction.

Monitor engagement and focus where it counts.

Easily track user engagement with real-time activity analytics. Leverage those insights to focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Seamlessly convert prospects into investors.

Minimize friction by allowing users to indicate their interest and commitment amounts directly in the data room. Then, seamlessly convert interested prospects into a fund when you're ready to begin onboarding (coming soon).

Getting Started

To get started, simply reach out to your Flow account representative - or book a demo with a Flow product expert.