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Introducing: Fund Reporting

Have you ever spent an egregious amount of time combing through old emails, documents, and spreadsheets just to answer a simple question from one of your LPs?

If so, this latest release is for you.

Unlock Your Data with Built-In Reporting

Flow’s new Reporting module offers configurable dashboards and exportable reports that make it easier to answer questions and leverage your data across external systems.

Answer every question with confidence.

Easily navigate all fund and investor data in one place. Answer questions from limited partners and team members quickly and accurately.

Curate your data for custom reports.

Effortlessly produce custom reports to satisfy any scenario. Intuitive filters and adjustable parameters help your report on what matters, and nothing more.

Export your data for use across systems.

All reports available on Flow can be exported as CSV files for use across your other systems. Reports can also be easily printed in PDF format.

Types of Reports

The following reports are available at launch. New reports will be released in the coming weeks and months.

  • Investors Report
    This report includes a list of all your investors and their investment details across all of your funds.
  • Capital Calls Report
    This report provides a view of capital calls per investor across your organization, including date and call amount breakdowns.

Getting Started

To get started, simply reach out to your Flow account representative - or book a demo with a Flow product expert.