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Product Update: Q4 Preview & Q3 Recap

The Flow Product team is excited to announce some game-changing product updates due to launch in Q4, plus a quick recap of our Q3 releases.

Coming Soon: White-Labeling & Improved LP Experience

You asked, we listened: White-Labeling is coming to Flow in early November. 

With White-Labeling, you can offer your investors a dedicated portal experience centered around your organization.

  • Offer a custom-branded LP portal, exclusive to your organization
  • Customize the platform with your logo, brand colors, and custom URL
  • Apply your brand to all email communications

Alongside this milestone release, we’re also redesigning the LP portal from the ground up to deliver a better end-user experience. LPs will find it easier to manage multiple investment accounts, navigate between their investments in your funds, and quickly locate documents related to their investments. The new portal experience will also be mobile-optimized, so LPs can always find what they need - anytime, anywhere.

The best part? White-Labeling is included for all Flow customers.

Coming Soon: Relationship Management Overhaul

We know it can be difficult to get a meaningful, real-time snapshot of your relationships across all of your investors. CRMs demand significant upkeep, and often struggle to combine relationship and portfolio intelligence.

That's why, in Q4, we're centralizing all this critical information on the Contacts page and transforming it into a true operating hub. 

There, you’ll get an aggregate view of an LP’s investment history, team member information, related accounts, contact details, and any activity taken on the Flow platform. Combined with robust search capabilities spanning names, emails, phone numbers, geographic locations, and more, we're making it easier to find precisely what you're looking for. 

We’re also introducing a concept called “Client Orgs,” which allows you to easily organize and report on groups of associated individuals and investment accounts, such as family offices, municipalities, and large institutions.

Also Coming in Q4:

Data Room Improvements

Fundraising today is a cumbersome, disjointed process. GPs cultivate interest with prospective investors through data rooms, export contact lists to a different product for onboarding, and later invite fully-subscribed LPs to a separate investor portal. It’s a fragmented, frustrating experience.

This upcoming release will simplify fundraising for everyone involved. We’re making it easy to enroll interested data room prospects directly into your fund’s onboarding workflow, so you can centralize the entire process on Flow. You’ll also be able to import your existing contacts into data rooms, and monitor prospect engagement with detailed user-level activity tracking.

This release streamlines the transition between fundraising and onboarding, a critical juncture for both your fund and your LPs.

LP Communication Preferences

In Q4, we’re adding functionality that will allow LPs to define communication preferences for the team members added to their investment accounts. 

LPs will be able to select which types of communications (K1 distributions, capital calls, signature requests, etc.) each member of their team should receive. You’ll then be able to leverage those selections when sharing documents and messages with your LPs - or override them if necessary.

Updates from Q3:

Reporting Updates

Earlier this year, we rolled out Reporting on the platform and are actively investing in additional functionality. You can now navigate all fund and investor data in one place, with intuitive filters and adjustable parameters that help you report on what matters, and nothing more. All reports can be exported as CSV files for use across your other systems, or printed in PDF format.

As of today, the following reports are currently available in Flow (with several more in development):

  • Investors Report - A list of all your investors and their investment details across all of your funds.
  • Capital Calls Report - A view of capital calls per investor across your organization, including date and call amount breakdowns.
  • Contact Reports - Contact information for the individual members of every investment account.
  • Document Reports - Critical details and file history for every document stored on Flow.

In Q3, we also made significant updates to our reporting infrastructure, resulting in far faster outputs. We also added functionality to filter reports across multiple dimensions. For example, you can now filter your Investor Report by fund, vintage, and client org all at once.

Capital Calls Improvements

It's now possible to bulk-reconcile capital calls on Flow.

You can now upload CSV files containing the details of reconciled LP contributions, including dates, amounts, wire memos, and notes. You also have the option to send automatic email notifications to investors once their capital contributions have been reconciled.

This powerful update enables fund managers and third-party administrators to maintain greater transparency with LPs without disrupting their internal reconciliation processes.

Provider Connections

You can now control access to your funds and entities via our improved Provider Connections.

Provider Connections is a secure, centrally-managed access type for third-parties service providers. Add your providers once, and let them manage their teams on their own. You can choose between fund-level and organization-level access depending on your relationship with each provider so that they only see the entities that they work on.

Want to Learn More?

Want to learn more about these updates or make a suggestion for our product roadmap? 

Reach out to your dedicated Relationship Manager - or book a demo with a Flow product expert. They can give you a guided tour of our latest features, or help set up a feedback session with the Flow Product team.