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Introducing: Provider Connections

We’re making it easy to connect and collaborate with third-party service providers on the Flow platform.

Provider Connections is a secure, centrally-managed access type for third-parties service providers. Add your providers once, and let them manage their teams on their own.

Grant unique access permissions to third-parties

Ensure your service providers have access to precisely the data they need to service the funds you hired them for. You can choose between fund-level and organization-level access. Flow will automatically restrict access to all irrelevant datasets.

Offer a streamlined service provider interface

Navigating Flow is now dead-simple for all service provider users, even those unfamiliar with the platform. Users added via Provider Connections enjoy a streamlined interface designed exclusively for service providers, with only the information essential to their role.

We'll work directly with your providers

Getting service providers onto Flow has never been easier. We handle the setup and access process on your behalf, eliminating any administrative burden. Service provider users also enjoy access to our Client Onboarding and Support teams for hands-on platform guidance.

Getting Started

To get started, simply reach out to your Flow account representative - or book a demo with a Flow product expert.