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Introducing: Transaction Uploads & Reconciliation Notices

Today, we’re making it even easier to reconcile capital call transactions in Flow and notify limited partners that their contributions have been received.

This powerful update enables fund managers and third-party administrators to maintain greater transparency with LPs without disrupting their internal reconciliation processes. 

Read the release notes or watch the video demo below to learn more:

Easily upload reconciled transactions

With this latest update, you can now upload CSV files containing the details of reconciled LP contributions, including dates, amounts, wire memos, and notes. You can update these values at any time - either via another CSV upload, or directly on the Flow platform.

This reconciliation method allows fund managers and third-party administrators to keep Flow up-to-date while maintaining their own files and processes, as necessary.

Associate reconciled transactions with specific capital calls

Additionally, you have the flexibility to associate transactions uploaded in this way with the capital calls you have sent directly from Flow. Simply tag an existing capital call during the upload process; all transactions in that file will then be associated with the selected capital call.

This seamless integration ensures that your fund's financial data remains organized and easily accessible, saving you valuable time and effort

Notify LPs that their contributions have been received

To facilitate greater transparency and communication with your LPs, Flow gives you the option to send automatic email notifications to investors once their capital contributions have been reconciled. The emails are personalized to each investor, containing critical details about their specific transaction. You also have the ability to add a custom note.

These notifications reassure your LPs that their contributions have been accurately processed, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the investment journey.

Maintain a single source of truth

All stakeholders can now leverage Flow to track and report on reconciled capital contributions, including your operating team, your LPs, and your third-party providers. Flow’s comprehensive tracking system lets you easily monitor the timing and amount of capital contributions from your LP network, tie contributions to specific capital calls, and even add custom notes to specific contributions for better record-keeping.

This consolidated view creates a single source of truth for all parties involved, promoting confidence and trust in your investment operations.

Empower third-party administrators for greater efficiency

We recognize the vital role that fund administrators play in ensuring smooth operations for fund managers. 

This update empowers admins to more efficiently reconcile capital call transactions within the Investor Portal, plus proactively communicate with investors once their contributions are received. Ease of use for service providers helps ensure Flow remains an accurate source of truth for your limited partners.

Get a Guided Tour

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