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Welcoming New Partners to Flow

The Flow logo over the text Twenty Million Series A.

Flow announces $20M Series A

Shortly before COVID, we introduced Flow to the world and calibrated our compass for building a company to empower thought. Today, we are thrilled to announce the close of our Series A and welcome a number of outstanding new partners on this journey. The $20M round was led by SVB Financial Group, joined by Frontier Ventures, GFR Fund, HOF Capital, L’Attitude Ventures, WOCstar Fund, Mantis VC and several other investors, who also participated in the oversubscribed round.

By and large, the private markets are the birthplace of innovation and have a tremendous impact on our lives because economies are defined by their capacity to innovate. More capital has been raised from the private markets than public markets for each of the last ten years. As a consequence, we expect innovation in the following decades to exceed anything we have seen in our lifetimes.

With this excitement and attention on the private markets, comes a realization that the infrastructure  supporting our innovators is stifling potential with unnecessary friction. Empathizing with anyone involved in these processes quickly surfaces a long list of pain points, problems and limitations regarding how work is done and data is shared. At Flow, we are focused on creating software to solve these problems and bring the technology powering private markets into a new paradigm.

The networks within private markets are opaque and intricate by nature. Investors, both institutional and individual, entrust their capital to investment managers, who in turn rely on fund administrators, law firms, banks, and accounting firms to support the execution and ongoing management of investment decisions. Right now, these groups connect and work together through human driven efforts. Unfortunately, more often than not, this causes information to become siloed across constituents. How each network operates is always a little different, and creates inefficiencies by requiring flexibility in how work is created and shared.

Flow solves this by doing three things: First, we convert work across the network into dynamic workflows (we call them Flows). Second, we structure data created and shared through Flows into identity layers that can be reused and shared across private networks. Lastly, we are building Flow to work with all participants and service providers to support the constantly evolving landscape of the private markets.

Fund formation and investor onboarding are growing problems best solved by our flexible technology. We convert tedious fund documents from law firms into dynamic and intuitive flows that adapt to each investor subscribing to the fund. The identity layer of the investor uses existing or collects new structured data to automatically complete required information in the subscription document. Once the investor completes the Flow, their data can then be shared, exported and verified by relevant parties such as the investment manager, law firm and fund administrator supporting the fund.

Our objective is greater empowerment across private markets. As a neutral party, Flow is uniquely positioned to rapidly increase innovation across all network participants. We believe that today’s private market infrastructure has enormous opportunity for improvement, which as achieved, will continue to allow humans to accelerate their ability to realize their full potential.

We invite you to join our mission to unlock the future.