Accelerating funds
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Flexible infrastructure connecting investment professionals with their limited partners and service providers.
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Kennie Blanco
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Flow helps us deliver a world-class LP experience, every time.
Gil Ben-Artzy
Founding Partner, UpWest Ventures
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Flow gets the clerical burden out of the way.
Matt McGraw
Founding Partner, Anthropocene Ventures
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Seeing our vendors engage with the platform has been great. Almost everything they need from our team is available in Flow.
Ben Mahdavi
Founding Partner, Quiet Capital
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Flow has been an incredibly important and integral part of the 9Yards story from the very beginning and has made my life much easier.
David Fisher
Co-founder, 9Yards Capital
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Digitize your fundraise

Transform subscription documents of any kind into dynamic, digital smart forms. Integrate service providers directly into the fundraise process with automated workflows.

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Enhance the LP experience

Offer LPs a superior experience and empower them throughout the fund’s lifecycle, ultimately reducing the administrative burden on your internal teams.

Centralize fund operations

Connect all key stakeholders on one platform and maintain a single source-of–truth for fund documents and data, eliminating errors and reducing costs.

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Connect with any third-party

Work with whoever you’d like, however you’d like. Flow’s open-architecture platform can accommodate any service provider, operational process, or document type.

An abstracted version of a network with many interconnected points and lines.An abstracted version of a network with many interconnected points and lines.


Our open-architecture technology and flexible API enable third-party vendors to more efficiently service funds using the Flow platform.

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Technology Partners

Integrate with Flow to augment your existing platform capabilities

Admins & Auditors

Get structured and accurate source-of-truth data that’s ready for audit

Law Firms

Scale your services with digitized fund documents and smart workflows

Accelerate with our partners

Flow can connect you with partners in our network that best suit your unique needs.

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Integrated Law Firms, Fund Administrators, and Banks
Limited Partners

One platform, from formation through distribution

Manage your fund from start to finish on Flow. Our platform offers complete provider flexibility and everything you need to raise and run a fund at scale.

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Centralize Docs & Data

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Bulk file upload
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Granular security settings
purple checkmark
Document staging & review
purple checkmark
Document tagging & search
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View-only permissioning
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Activity notifications
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Doc ID watermarks
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Onboard Investors

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Subscription document digitization
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En-masse invitations & document mapping
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Smart investor questionnaire
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KYC/AML compliance checks
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Verifiable digital signatures
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Document activity notifications
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Capital call management
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LP tracking & reminders
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Manage LP Relations

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Investor dashboard
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NAV & distribution figures
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Permission-based document access
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LP task assignment & alerts
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En-masse communications
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Connect Your Network

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Unlimited team members
purple checkmark
Persistent user IDs
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Granular user permissions
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Named task delegation
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Universal third-party compatibility
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Preferred partner network
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Technology you can trust

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SOC 2 Type II certified

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Secure data encryption

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E-Sign Act compliant

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User account locking

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Reliable system availability

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Internal security reviews

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Increase efficiency and reduce costs by digitizing your fundraise.

Impress LPs with smart subscriptions and visibility into fund performance.

Connect and collaborate with any service provider you choose.

Manage everything on one platform, from fund formation to distribution.

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